Animation is that which gives life to a static object.
Sometimes that life can be a simple movement or
Even the mere suggestion of movement.
Nothing captures the attention of the human eye more than the
Illusion of life.
Whether you need a concept designed or a custom item built
to your own specifications, Animated Ideas can offer you a solution.
From Movie Props to Museum Artwork
Advertising to Exhibitions
Side shows or Store Displays
Theme park and Theatre props
Model buildings or Private artwork
With over 17 years of experience in the Industry, covering both the
artistic and technical aspects of design and fabrication
You can be assured a high quality product.
For more information, explore this website or contact:
This website represents a portfolio of work completed whole or in part by the artist, Luke Sawh
and/or his business Animated Ideas.
Where applicable, any other companies or individuals involved
shall be credited accordingly for work that was carried out under contract.
Copyright 2007 Animated Ideas. All rights reserved.

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