For Luke Sawh, Art, Animation and Creative Engineering has been a life long passion. Born and educated in the UK, he grew up with a special interest towards
the form and mechanics of the world around him. It was the movie special effects industry that had the greatest impact on his life and would eventually
lead him to a career in the arts and entertainment industry.

In 1987, soon after graduating with distinction from Loughborough College of Art and Design, he was keen to apply his talents directly to the industry in order to acquire more technical experience. Within a month he had secured a position as a freelance model and prop maker with a focus on Animatronics and character design. He continued to gain experience in these fields though contracts in the entertainment industry, which included Film, TV and theater.

In 1992, after being offered a rare opportunity to continue his creative and technical work overseas, he secured a position with Kinetix in Orlando, Florida, USA. After almost 2 years of service with this company, working on local theme park and restaurant projects, he eventually gained residential status and founded his own business Animated Ideas. Through this he has been able to continue creative artwork and use his knowledge and experience to assist individuals and companies in many areas of production. His projects have ranged from shop window displays and concept models to TV props, costumes and theme park attraction elements. Since 1992, contracts have also included overseas consulting for animated character development in Indonesia, Italy and Austria.

In 1999, the need for a larger workshop initiated a project that would require extensive research and a deviation from the type of project that he would typically undertake.  This became the management and construction of a reinforced concrete Geodesic Dome house/office and dome workshop. The structure focuses on the superior strength of the concrete-shelled geodesic geometry combined with the energy efficient properties of Styrofoam walls which insulate the entire building. In a State that is renowned for the destructive forces of nature, this structure offers added protection for on going work as well as a sensitive concern for our environmental energy and material consumption. This building and Luke Sawh were also showcased on an "environmental report" for WESH, Channel 2 TV news station, during its construction in September 1999.

Luke Sawh continues to provide his services to the entertainment and exhibition industry as well as producing custom artwork, costumes and scale model buildings for individuals and companies.

It is the passion for artwork in motion that drives this artist to succeed in every project and produce the finest quality artwork possible.

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