Butterfly Tree - Concept Design Model
DIRECTIVE:  For bid purposes, create
and illustrate a design concept
for a life-sized butterfly tree for the new
Wildwood Grove area at Dollywood, TN
CLIENT:  Entech Innovative, Inc.
Lighting Design Commemorative Plaque
DIRECTIVE:  Design and create a commemorative plaque for a newly retired street lighting design engineer. Plaque includes internal and external LED lighting.
Continental Airlines - Tennis Ball Airplane
DIRECTIVE:  To produce 10-foot wingspan scale Boeing 777 Tennis Ball Airplane for Continental Airlines display at US Open 2009,  NYC.
CLIENT:  Entech Innovative, Inc.
 Aluminum stand base by Entech.
Links: Top 5 Activation Ideas award for the US Open 2009
Liberty Head Concept Model
DIRECTIVE:  Design and fabricate 1:12 scale concept model for the Spiderman ride at Universal Florida.
CLIENT:  Universal Creative  1998
Las Vegas - Water Usage Display
DIRECTIVE:  Create a scale model from design drawings of water usage diorama featuring Las Vegas icons and landmarks.
CLIENT:  Entech Innovative, Inc.
Cartoon-style Pterodactyl Statue
DIRECTIVE:  Design and fabricate Pterodactyl character for trade show booth display.
CLIENT:  Entech Innovative, Inc.
WMAC Masters TV Show
DIRECTIVE:  Design and fabricate a functioning prop weapon based on toy related product from the TV show. Weapon fired up to 3 individual disks with an automatic reloading mechanism incorporated.
CLIENT:  Four Kids Productions  1996
Toys R Us - Ferris Wheel Concept Maquettes
DIRECTIVE:  Design concept maquettes for the NYC Toys R Us Ferris Wheel ride.  1/8th scale models used for dimensioning and ride envelope constraints.
CLIENT: Entech Innovative, Inc.
Little People Bus Ride Vehicle
DIRECTIVE:  Design concept maquette for the NYC Toys R Us Ferris Wheel ride.  1/8th scale model used for dimensioning and ride envelope constraints.
CLIENT:  Entech Innovative, Inc.
Beauty & the Beast on Ice - Gargoyle Concept
DIRECTIVE:  Produce concept model of Gargoyle statue for Beauty & the Beast on ice live stage performance.
CLIENT:  Jimbo and Associates   1997
Hunley Artifacts - Reproductions
DIRECTIVE:  Reproduce sunken submarine artifacts from molds to museum display standards.  Pieces cast from flexible molds and scenically treated to match original artifacts.
CLIENT:  Entech Innovative, Inc.
Ford Experience Rock Pool
DIRECTIVE:  Design concept maquette for 14' diameter rockpool and waterfall set.
CLIENT:  Entech Innovative, Inc.
Disneyland Paris - Pop Up book
DIRECTIVE:  Study and design of a mechanical pop-up book for stage show set piece.  Book design based on paper pop up book by Jan Pienkowski. Model required scaled mechanisms to be designed, allowing 3 stage sets to open and collapse.
CLIENT:  MWA Ltd.  1991
Madame Tussauds - Amsterdam Man
DIRECTIVE:  Produce working 1:12 scale model character from design sketches.  Scale model incorporated electric motors and articulated joints to explore and analyse mechanical interaction of final figure.
CLIENT:  MWA Ltd.  1990
Lair of the White Worm - Serpent Skulls
DIRECTIVE:  Design and create two serpent skulls for use as props on movie sets for 1988 film
Lair of the White Worm, directed by Ken Russell.
CLIENT:  Anne Tilby, Ken Russell  1988

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